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Data Destruction Companies in Chennai

Data Destruction is vital for quite a number of reasons. Most companies store their confidential data in hundreds of hard disk. After several years of usage, these disks become irrelevant which become useless. Throwing such hard drives in a dump site is never a good idea because some miscreants can misuse the sensitive data contained therein. It is always a better option to dispose the data once if not required. Any failure to this may lead to serious breaches of data protection and privacy policies and several other compliance problems.

When it comes to Secure Data Destruction, E-Waste Recyclers holds necessary expertise to perform comprehensive destruction of data. We destroy each and every storage media effectively and efficiently that it is completely impossible to recover even a single bit of data from hard drives.

Following steps are involved in our Data destruction Process:

¶ Hard disks removed from machines once the machine is logged on the customer's database.
¶ Removal is then noted on the database.
¶ Disks are labeled with the customer's name and the asset number or serial number of the particular pc/server/laptop unit from which they were removed. All hard disks scheduled for data destruction will be stored in a case labeled with the data owners name; we assume that the data is still the property of the customer.
¶ The hard disk is then placed in a new storage case from which it will eventually go for general disassembly/recycling.

Recycling starts only after an agreed upon period between E-Waste Recyclers India and the client. After this, the client will have the right to call in and inspect the hard disks to personally ensure date erasure till the end of the agreed period. The client will then be issued a Certificate of Data Destruction from E-Waste Recyclers India. Contact us by telephone, email or call at our premises to discuss your requirements and get benefited by our services.